Strategic Communications & PR

selected samples–feel free to ask for more

Global Round Table Leadership, communications consultant and video content advisor.

Omega Institute, “Water of Life” event featuring Robert Kennedy Jr., press release:

Through my former communications agency, Free Agency, I significantly boosted attendance and publicity  for this leading holistic learning center, promoting several large conferences including “The Water of Life” with Robert Kennedy Jr., Ralph Nader, and The Body Shop’s founder, Anita Roddick.

INFORM, PR strategy & press release:

This is a case study and a highlight of my PR work. The challenge was to develop a PR strategy to maximize media coverage of a report on toxic cell phone waste–an issue that had been heavily covered a year prior when my client first broke its research. I identified a strategic opportunity to create a hook. A new law was slated to go into effect, allowing the porting of cellphone numbers from one carrier to another. The ability to keep the same phone number and change carriers meant an inevitable surge in cellphone disposal, since carriers required new customers use their handsets. I pitched my client’s report on cell phone waste and recycling as a way to give substance to otherwise bland stories announcing the phone number portability. The result of my strategy and execution was two AP stories, CNN coverage, and 1000’s of media hits in all regional and national media markets.

Book publicity with Baran Communications, Field Notes for a Compassionate Life by Marc Barasch and several other books. Media strategy execution, building of targeted media lists, pitching, and publicity event booking.

Book publicity, Building with Vision by Dan Imhoff. Created multiple press releases for shelter and lifestyle.